In today’s digital-first world, the emergence of the Engagement Economy has fundamentally transformed how businesses interact with their customers. At Visibility Solutions Group, we understand the pivotal role of a robust digital and social presence in driving business success, particularly through social selling – utilizing social media to accelerate sales conversations. As we navigate this landscape, it’s crucial to leverage social selling as a tool and a strategic asset to enhance conversion rates and achieve sales excellence.

An astonishing 93% of sales executives lack formal training in social selling, a gap that presents both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses aiming to thrive in the Engagement Economy.

To address this, we assembled some compelling statistics that underscore the importance of integrating social selling into your sales strategy:


Enhanced Sales Performance: Research by Aberdeen Group reveals that 73% of sales representatives incorporating social selling surpass their peers, with a 23% higher likelihood of exceeding sales quotas. This highlights the direct impact of social selling on sales effectiveness.

Superior Sales Results: According to ASalesGuy.com, salespeople who integrate social media into their sales processes outsell 78% of their peers. This statistic showcases the potency of social selling and its critical role in staying competitive.

Adoption Among Top Performers: LinkedIn reports that 90% of top-performing salespeople now utilize social media as a key component of their sales strategy. This widespread adoption among sales leaders underscores the strategic value of social media in driving sales success.

Impact on Revenue Goals: SalesforLife’s findings indicate that companies with consistent social selling processes are 40% more likely to hit revenue targets. This demonstrates the importance of a structured approach to social selling in achieving financial objectives.

Influence on Buying Decisions: LinkedIn’s research shows that 50% of revenue across 14 key industries is influenced by social selling. This significant statistic highlights social selling’s role in shaping purchasing decisions in sectors ranging from computer software to healthcare.

Moreover, with 90% of decision-makers never responding to cold calls and 75% of B2B buyers leveraging social media for purchasing decisions, the case for strategic social selling becomes even more compelling. It’s evident that social media, particularly LinkedIn, is not just a platform for networking but a critical tool for engaging with potential customers in a meaningful way.

At Visibility Solutions Group, we are committed to empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in the Engagement Economy. Through our LinkedIn Business Building Blueprint Masterclass, we are equipping today’s sales leaders with the understanding and strategies to leverage LinkedIn for social selling. Significantly improving their conversion rates, outpacing their competitors, and achieving their sales and revenue goals.

As we move forward, let us embrace the transformative power of social selling and harness the full potential of our digital and social presence to foster deeper connections, drive engagement, and unlock new opportunities in the Engagement Economy.

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