Growing your visibility successfully comes through a highly strategic and carefully orchestrated approach in which proven best practices are applied with consistency and rigor.

The Visibility Solutions Group provides collaborative visibility planning designed to help you know where your business currently stands, highlights where you should be as compared to your peers and provides a realistic roadmap for getting there.

  • Understand where you are showing up on the digital and social media landscape
  • Have a clear, strategic approach to increase your online visibility
  • Apply your strategy, taking actionable steps increasing your visibility
  • Move from invisible to visible


  • Digital assessment mapping—performing deep analysis to reveal where your business currently appears online and where you should be showing up
  • Strategic approach—creating your roadmap, for increasing your visibility, driving new levels of awareness and spurring engagement
  • Applying your strategy —articulating how to move the roadmap into action
  • Action – moving from invisible to visible

C. Miller, Movement Recovery for Busy Professionals

Benita is so wonderful to work with! I appreciate clear, concise direction most when working with coaches, and that is exactly what I received: precise steps to take as well and how to do them. It was a fantastic use of my time, and I strongly encourage you to contact her for your LinkedIn/strategizing needs.


Turn connections into conversations.

The Visibility Solutions Group will teach you how to leverage social media to demonstrate your unique selling proposition—showcasing why you and your business are the best answer for the customer’s problem—and turn that connection into a sales conversation that drives results.

  • Learn how to leverage the leading social media platforms to increase visibility and establish your expert presence
  • Quickly grow your digital presence
  • Tap into AI and communicate how your audience hears
  • Outline your 50 areas of genius
  • Find your inner author, creating interesting and engaging social media content


  • LinkedIn training—learn why you should start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and how to apply what you learn to other social platforms
  • Social Media Presence Optimization—tap into expert insights and proven tactics for increasing your online visibility quickly and continuously growing your digital presence
  • Content mapping—identify 50 areas that that you are an expert in and turn them into 365 days of content
  • Content structuring—find out how to build, not just write, your social media content to more effectively engage your social community
Julie Zolfo

Julie Zolfo, Speaker | Trainer | Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Benita is a wizard at creating a Linkedin profile that is powerful, concise, attractive, and most importantly, gets views. With over 25 years of professional experience in a variety of industries and functions, I was struggling to create a profile that highlighted my core skills and offerings in a succinct clear way. Within the first session, Benita took charge using her signature program and innate wordsmithing abilities to uplevel everything in my profile. I could not be more satisfied with Benita’s work, ethics, and follow-through professionalism. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with Benita – truly she is gifted in this LINKEDIN world.


Leveraging her vast domestic and international expertise Benita Samuels and The Visibility Solutions Group offer personalized consultative services that span virtually every facet of digital marketing. Whether you’re a novice to digital marketing or are simply struggling to stand out in the crowded marketplace, Benita and VSG can help you supercharge your digital marketing efforts. 

Have questions? Ready to start driving business through better visibility?


  • Project planning and management
  • Campaign budget creation
  • Creating your fiscal pyramid
  • Brand and product research
  • Social media management
  • Website, email and campaign development

S. Lewen, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Talkspace

Benita is the whole package… She has the breadth of experience—both agency-side and in-house—across all different industries and brands and brings this multidisciplinary experience and her digital marketing prowess to her own practice. Benita is truly a dream collaborative partner—oozing with warmth, wit, candor, and structure.

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