LinkedIn Business Building Blueprint

Mastering LinkedIn is not an option but a necessity for professionals seeking to maximize their impact in the digital business world.

If you’re seeking an effective way to generate warm leads without resorting to cold calling or impersonal sales funnels, our specialized training is the solution. Designed to guide you through the intricacies of LinkedIn, our approach transforms the platform into a powerful tool for building valuable professional relationships and converting connections into meaningful business opportunities.

Our training is specifically tailored to elevate your LinkedIn strategy beyond basic presence. It’s about harnessing the potential of LinkedIn to convert connections into warm leads at a rate six times higher than traditional methods.

You’ll Gain:

  • Optimized LinkedIn Presence: Craft a profile that attracts your ideal target and increases your search ranking.
  • Strategic Mastery: Learn how to strategically navigate LinkedIn, making every connection count.
  • Increased Social Currency: Boost your credibility and trustworthiness through strategic engagement.
  • Long-Term Advocacy: Build a network that goes beyond connections to foster long-term professional relationships and advocacy.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Discover how to turn your LinkedIn network into a valuable lead-generation tool.

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LinkedIn, with its impressive 62% conversion rate, is your direct path to revenue-generating conversations.


86% of senior-level decision-makers decide if they want to talk to you based on reading your LinkedIn profile


~ 87 million millennials are on LinkedIn ─ now more than GenX and Boomers


LinkedIn drives more traffic to your website than any other social media platform.

Understanding and leveraging this powerful tool is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

LinkedIn BUSINESS BUILDING BLUEPRINT provides more than just tips and tricks; it’s a comprehensive approach to making LinkedIn a cornerstone of your business and sales strategy.

You’ll learn how to create meaningful interactions that add value, laying a foundation for reciprocity and advocacy in your professional network. When used strategically, LinkedIn can convert connections into warm leads at a rate six times higher than traditional methods.

In today’s digital-first world, LinkedIn stands as the primary platform where potential clients and business partners begin their journey, making it a pivotal platform for initial impressions and engagement. Utilizing LinkedIn’s features and capabilities, you’ll achieve better results and outcomes in your lead-generation efforts.

Advance your LinkedIn skills in just 9 weeks – this comprehensive training is designed for Sales Professionals, Teams and Business owners who are ready to transform their LinkedIn strategy.

  • Identify and connect with your ideal target on Linkedin
  • Navigate the LinkedIn algorithms
  • Discover insider tips and tools that elevate your LinkedIn skills
  • Learn how to leverage new technology for LinkedIn success
  • Strategic lessons tailored for today’s digital landscape
  • Proven approach to generate 6x more warm leads
  • Accompanying workbook and instructional videos

… plus all of the actionable step-by-step tactics to move your social connections into warm, qualified leads!

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Our Clients Are Talking

Andrew D. Aronson, Supporting small business dreams with the resources for success | Franchise Opportunities | Funding Resource | Small Business Advocate

Going through Benita’s training has been like finding gold. The knowledge she imparts through clear and concise communication augmented with demonstrations has significantly help my organization achieve our goals. As mentioned, I found Benita to be an excellent and knowledgeable communicator but she is also persistent, flexible, intuitive, prepared, has excellent follow-through, and is a delight to engage in conversation. Every time we speak, I gain a pearl of wisdom

Lori Halverson, I help growth minded CEOs become better leaders, achieve better results, and positively impact lives by focusing on what’s important | Vistage Chair & Executive Coach | Speaker | Award Winning Executive

If you haven’t met Benita, or taken her LinkedIn training, you’re missing out. Benita is a gem personally, and professionally she is a master! Her LinkedIn training covers everything from remastering every category of your profile to getting the results you’re looking for through your content and outreach. She is a giver and delivers on her brand promise! I highly recommend reaching out to Benita if you’re looking to up your game via LinkedIn.

Jane Gottlieb, Helping brands add style and impact to their events and experiences | Acclaimed executive producer of premier broadcast, corporate and non-profit events, video and campaigns

Benita’s process is both intuitive and structured. She will encourage you to go outside your comfort zone a bit, especially if you are not a fan of self-exposure. Benita will unlock the hidden keys to a more powerful LinkedIn presence, all the while customizing her approach to your needs, your professional status and your personal brand. If you do the work, the results are well worth it!

Jennifer Hoege, MBA, SHRM-SCP, CPCC, Fueling CEOs, Owners and Leaders for Lasting Impact: Vistage Chair & Executive Coach | Peer Advisory Board and 1:1 Coaching | Fractional COO & CHRO | M&A Integration Leader | Culture Catalyst

Working with Benita is a treat! She doesn’t just know and understand LI, she knows how to work with you to help YOU understand it. She works along side of you to create an actionable plan. She has a great approach to really uncover your brand, audience, and offering.

Her package was complete – everything from rewriting my LI profile to building out a roadmap of content and several approaches on how to grow my network in an authentic way. An absolute professional and bonus, she is fun to work with.