Validation, where do you find it?

Validation is a concept that’s as diverse as it is gratifying. It can emerge from various sources—be it a word of encouragement from a colleague, a glowing review from a client, an award recognizing your hard work, or even something as mundane as the fit of your pants. No matter its origin, validation invariably brings a sense of satisfaction and affirmation.

Personally, I’ve often found myself seeking validation externally, a trait I admit with a touch of embarrassment. This external quest for acknowledgment, coupled with my own struggles to recognize my achievements, has occasionally led me down the path of imposter syndrome—a feeling many of us are all too familiar with. Despite the successes achieved and the positive impact on the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the past seven years, acknowledging my contributions has been challenging.

My clients’ successes, mirrored by their heartfelt feedback, stand as a testament to the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts. Yet self-recognition has always been elusive until an unexpected moment of validation caught me by surprise.

Today, while perusing an article by a fellow LinkedIn expert, I stumbled upon a conversation they had with LinkedIn’s Chief of Editorial. The discussion revealed a shift in LinkedIn’s content strategy towards shorter-form content and the inclusion of personal images—tactics I have advocated for and implemented for years. The realization that my strategies and recommendations aligned with LinkedIn’s experts’ observations was a profound moment of validation for me.



It affirmed that my insights and advice, honed through years of experimentation and observation, were effective and ahead of the curve.

This unexpected endorsement served as a powerful reminder of my worth and the value of my work, dispelling any momentary doubts fueled by imposter syndrome. It underscored the importance of trusting one’s instincts and expertise, even when external validation is scarce.

Validation, in its many forms, is more than just a feel-good factor; it’s a crucial component of our professional and personal growth. It reinforces our sense of self-worth, encourages us to trust in our capabilities, and reminds us that we are indeed making a meaningful impact.

This experience has taught me to appreciate the validation that comes my way, but more importantly, to believe in my own worth and the significance of my contributions, regardless of external acknowledgment.

To everyone navigating their professional journey, remember that validation may come when you least expect it, affirming your path and illuminating your worth. Trust in the value you bring to the table, for you are no imposter but a trailblazer in your own right.

Now, that is true validation.