I love LinkedIn. I spend hours reading through the vast and interesting content; I read countless profiles and imagine how I could polish them to a shine. And I could talk about LinkedIn for hours, if you would listen. So there, I admit it – I’m a LinkedIn junkie.

Like many professionals, initially, I only established my profile because I thought I should. LinkedIn was labeled the “social network for professionals” and when looking for a job, it was a resource, potential employers expected us to have. After setting up my profile, other than looking for a job, it largely sat dormant until a couple of years ago.

I discovered the power of LinkedIn and my love affair began. 

I first became exposed to this “power” after signing up for a webinar hosted by Koka Sexton. At the time, Koka was working for Hootsuite and sharing how to leverage LinkedIn as a valuable social selling tool. I had heard a bit about social selling but didn’t know much at that point. His webinar was an eye-opening experience. I promptly sent Koka a request to connect with a personalized note. He graciously accepted. I eagerly awaited his latest post to show up in my feed and read it with intense interest and curiosity. It was that first connection with Koka that opened my world to the possibilities and valuable connections I could make by strategically engaging on LinkedIn.

Since then I have steeped myself in learning how to use this platform, sharing my voice and opinions and helping others learn how as well. While others are checking out cat videos on Facebook (which I am certain are great fun) or foodporn on Instagram (which I do love), I am scrolling through my feed to see the latest tips and tools, promotions and job changes, tutorials and articles and the range of other interesting content that you see on LinkedIn.

So yes, I am a LinkedIn Junkie!

But really, how bad is this? Speaking from my own personal junkie’s perspective, I don’t think it is bad ▬ I’m merely taking advantage of the power of LinkedIn. No longer just considered the professional platform to post your resume, LinkedIn has evolved into a platform that can help you define your brand and increase your awareness. It’s about engaging with others from around the world to share your opinion or seek insight. It’s for connecting with decision makers or those that can help you get to the decision makers. It is also a platform to stretch your own personal brand.

I have had the privilege to help both business professionals and university students craft compelling profiles and have helped them hone their skill at strategically connecting on LinkedIn. I have spoken to groups—to anyone who will listen, really—explaining why their profile isn’t a resume. I’ve read countless articles on LinkedIn, including far too many opinions on how you shouldn’t have anyone write your profile for you. (Which I personally disagree with, but more on that at another time.)

What I have learned most of all, is that I love LinkedIn. I love helping my clients craft their profiles and educate them on how to use the platform. I love the variety of tools LinkedIn offers. And I love the ease with which you can systematically build a strategic network of professionals who also understand the value of LinkedIn.

Benita is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. With her help, we’ve increased our online presence and our clients are noticing. Starting from scratch, she patiently walked us through all the social media platforms. With her help, we’ve increased our online presence and our clients are noticing. – W.H.

So yes, I love LinkedIn.

Interested in talking more about LinkedIn or looking for help optimizing your profile? Let me know. This LinkedIn junkie would love to help you!