I went for an early walk on this beautiful morning, full of blue skies and sunshine. Alone in my head, I started thinking about being a small business owner, how I got here and the importance of visibility for today’s business owners and professionals.

It got me thinking about visibility and how it seems to be the buzzword of the moment – in headlines, subject lines, and social media posts, and being professed at every business event I have attended over the past year. And, with each declaration of the importance of being visible, there also seems to be something that you need to buy to achieve that visibility -─ their program, that tool or this service. It’s not only irritating, but also confusing.

The thing of it is, it doesn’t have to be.

Why is visibility important?

Being visible is about being seen, being heard, and being recognized as an expert, resource, or advocate in your area of expertise or profession. Your digital visibility directly relates to how easily you; your company or product can be found online.

Visibility is NOT marketing.

Marketing assumes your audience is looking for you — Visibility is about being seen by your audience, where they are.

Your online visibility consists of five foundational vehicles — your website, social media pages, and your Google Professional Profile among others. Taking advantage of online opportunities that increase your visibility are as easy as ensuring your business is listed in relevant free online directories. The more visible you are, the more people know you and your business exist.


Greater Visibility = Greater Opportunities.