“I hate social media”
“I don’t have the time for social media”
“I have never gotten a client from social media”

I’ve heard them all.

Yet, as a business owner or professional, you need to leverage one or more social platforms to increase your visibility, share your area of expertise, and remain relevant.

Unfortunately, far too often, people use social platforms incorrectly and not how they are intended to be used.

Now, let me be clear here – this isn’t your fault.

You see, in the early 2000s, when LinkedIn (2003) and Facebook (2004) were first launched, the idea was to offer another “media” outlet option (media, referring to the delivery source) where we could communicate with others, be entertained, and participate in the media activity.

This was unlike the media outlets that we were accustomed to, such as TV and radio, where we merely absorbed the content being distributed.

When these two platforms launched, their focuses were quite different. LinkedIn was positioned as a professional network and still is, offering a “media” platform and resource to look for a job or find candidates for a hiring position.


Whereas Facebook was a “private” club that you could invite friends to, interact with on the platform and share whatever you would like.

Jump ahead 20 years and these two platforms are now quite different, I still consider Facebook as social media, however “media” is now more about promoting stuff – not just lifestyles, experiences, and yes, dirty laundry, but products and services too.

LinkedIn, which is still a media resource for job seekers or candidate finders, has also evolved into a social networking platform. Content is distributed, absorbed, and re-shared often to advance relationships within our network of connections. This was very intentional, a move made by Microsoft after they purchased LinkedIn in 2016.

Whichever social platform you choose, the best advice I can give you is to be active and visible.

Because Greater Visibility = Greater Opportunity.

P.S. LinkedIn should always be one of your social platforms.